WorldServe Is Water.
Water Changes

Our focused, urgent goal:

Provide clean water to disadvantaged communities.

Life Centers

The concept for WorldServe Life Centers in sub-Saharan Africa first put theory into practice in Loiborsoit, Tanzania, a village of approximately 5,000 Maasai people.

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Water Drilling

WorldServe has been drilling water wells in Africa for over 10 years. Our donors have seen first hand the dramatic impact each water well has on the community.

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Your Heart

An individual donor can truly make a difference and also have the opportunity to see, feel and experience the impact their donation makes.

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Why Clean Water

Each and every year, diseases from unclean surface water kill more people than all forms of violence. Healthy adults get violently sick after one glass of tainted water; children and the elderly who are not as strong succumb to various diseases.

Clean water security is truly a trickle-down social, quality of life, and economic proposition. Mothers have more time to devote to their families instead of trudging miles each day to collect water they will carry back in jugs weighing 30 to 40 pounds. Quality of life for children expands exponentially as they spend less time being sick, and more time at school or with their families.

Not having to deal with the crushing weight of finding, getting, and treating contaminated surface water opens up the possibilities of economic development and freedom.


ONE water well can service thousands of people and transform a community.

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