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WorldServe International Projects

Providing clean water and sanitation in the most challenging locations

Large-Scale Clean Water Projects

Set apart by the sustainability of our sites, each clean water project is carefully planned and drilled by our fleet of drilling rigs and support vehicles. Uniquely positioned to drill deep boreholes, we diligently research and serve areas that are experiencing the most devastating water scarcity in Africa. WorldServe’s approach is focused on the “long haul” – aiming our attention toward fulfilling the following criteria in a span of 10-16 months per project:

JerryCan is a fun-filled ministry tool designed to teach compassion and generosity to young world-changers!Written by top-notch kids’ pastors, this four-week curriculum will teach elementary students to LIVE and GIVE big! Born from WorldServe’s mission to solve the world water crisis, JerryCan is partnering with kids’ ministry leaders to train children to become life-long givers! By filling a jerry-can-shaped coin bank with coins and bills, kids can help bring clean water to children in need in Africa.

WorldServe has long recognized that women and girls are disproportionately affected by water scarcity. When water is present, great things can happen, especially in the area of education for girls. When girls are finally able to attend school, we want to do everything possible to keep them going! A challenge with which many girls struggle is the ability to attend school during their menstrual cycle. Inadequate restroom facilities, a lack of hygiene products, and rampant taboos mean that girls in developing countries miss up to four days of school every month. As absences add up, girls may fall so far behind that they don’t return.

Kourts 4 Kids connects athletes in the United States with WorldServe’s mission through regional outdoor sports tournaments packed with exciting competition, food-truck fare, live music, coaching clinics, and player inspiration from professional athletes. With participation from NBA and WNBA players from Malcolm Brogdon’s Hoops4Humanity, tournaments are designed to bring amateur athletes, coaches, professional athletes, and teams together to make a difference for children without access to safe places to play. The cost of a concrete multi-sport court in Africa is approximately $25,000. Each regional tournament will be hosted to raise funds to build and maintain courts with two basketball hoops and two soccer nets. As we mobilize communities around the US, K4K tournaments will support development, health, and safety for children in Tanzania and Kenya.

Alliance for Navajo Sustainability

As part of a world-class coalition of organizations, WorldServe International is committed to helping to meet a profound need for water, sanitation, hygiene, agriculture, and economic opportunities within the Navajo Nation. People on the Nation (located in the Southwest region of the United States) face water challenges rivaling those we typically see on the African continent and in the Global South. Since the start of COVID, we have been developing a comprehensive plan of action to address these challenges over the next decade.

Founder of Tanzania Water Fund and WorldServe International Boardmember, Dean Riesen, has raised money and facilitated more than 40 deep drilled, solar-powered water projects! The story of the Tanzania Water Fund illustrates how sustainability and long-term relationships in a concentrated region are creating lasting change for one of the most water-stressed areas of our world. WorldServe International is proud to implement Tanzania Water Fund projects as they provide clean water to over 20,000 Tanzanians each year!

WorldServe International Projects

Our most recent projects are providing water and sanitation for over 220,000 people in Africa! Click to view each location on the map.

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