WorldServe International Projects

Our recent clean water projects are helping others in need and solving the world water crisis! Click to view.

Our Approach to Eliminating Water Scarcity in Africa

Set apart by the sustainability of our sites, each clean water project is carefully planned and drilled by our fleet of drilling rigs and support vehicles. Uniquely positioned to drill deep boreholes, we diligently research and serve areas that are experiencing the most devastating water scarcity in Africa. WorldServe’s approach is focused on the “long haul” – aiming our attention toward fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Drill a large scale, deep borehole that will provide water for generations.
  • Equip each site with sustainable, solar panel distribution systems.
  • Prepare community leaders - especially women - to take ownership of the maintenance of each system

Water Stories

Every project site that dots the landscape of Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya is a testament to the dedication of incredible partners and donors! We love to share the encouraging stories that happen as a result of our work in East Africa. There is always a new update on amazing feats taking place because of clean water in Africa. We experience blessings here in the United States too. View specific project stories, partnership updates and more by reading our water stories!

Forging Powerful Partnerships

Our work wouldn’t be possible without partners like Waterboys, Hoops2O, Speed the Light, Ohio State’s Global Water Institute and countless others. We are honored to work with people who are bold in their efforts to solve the world water crisis! Find out more about the partners who make everything we do possible.

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