WorldServe operates in a unique way. Since our founding, we have worked in partnership to champion the basic human dignity of clean water in East Africa. Our partners come from academia, from the corporate sector, and from faith-based communities of all denominations.

Passionate scientists work to determine everything from the best solutions for water use to understanding more about why water projects fail. Committed corporate leaders offer access to industrial technologies, goods, and employee expertise so that our efforts can go farther, faster. Religious communities strive to live their faith donating thousands of hours and funds to raise awareness and provide the resources we need to keep serving the poorest of the poor.

The links below provide just three examples among many. See a sample of these efforts in action on our Projects page.


THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY: In 2013, the Tanzanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation identified “critical needs” villages that lacked adequate water and sanitation. The ministry sought visionary partners who could demonstrate sustainable solutions on pilot villages including solar-powered wells.

In parallel, the University of Dodoma launched a bold plan to build a workforce capable of delivering innovative solutions in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, water services and rural health care. With client villages identified and an in-country training mechanism in place, the ministry and the university allied with Hecate Energy and WorldServe International to approach Ohio State University.

Ohio State framed the Sustainable Village Water Systems Program and developed the management structure to execute a shared vision for a new, systems-based approach to rural development that stands to impact over 5 million Tanzanians.

View this VIDEO to learn more about the Sustainable Village Water Systems Program.


Upepo Energy: Upepo is the Swahili word for wind–an important energy resource, which is abundant, clean, and local. With one of the world’s fastest growing economies, East Africa’s demand for electricity is skyrocketing while the effects of climate change and drought are hitting home. WorldServe leadership, meeting with US-based wind energy experts, paved the way for a new entity to be established on the ground in Tanzania. Today, Upepo Energy’s mission is to partner with local communities to bring sustainable, large-scale wind energy projects to East Africa.

Along the way, they’ve also seen fit to financially support the provision of clean water to among the poorest people in Tanzania. In 2016, after months of difficult work, the people of Msiiki now have three wells piping clean water to thousands for the first time. The wells will serve 15,000 people, many who have previously had to walk miles to a muddy pond for their water supply.

View pictures of the Msiiki project on OUR PROJECTS page

Hand of Hope: Demonstrating their strong connection to the gospels which encourages followers to take the good news to “the ends of earth,” Hand of Hope – the outreach effort of Joyce Meyer Ministries – has often partnered with WorldServe to serve the poorest of the poor. One such placed is called Gidamilanda and a community of people known as the Datooga.

Considered “primitive” even by East African standards, 99% of the Datooga people are illiterate and nearly half of all children die before age five. Typically nomadic, the Datooga have retreated to the most unwanted area of Tanzania to care of their cattle, only moving them during the dry season. Left to care for the children, women and the elderly seek to find water where there is none: education, food, and medical care are also absent.

Hand of Hope set out to change the lives of the Datooga, beginning first with water and then assisting with the building schools and clinics. Working with community leaders, Hand of Hope later facilitated the planting of vibrant church.

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