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Access to clean water is life changing! For women, the water crisis is personal. In East Africa, they bear the responsibility of finding water their families – for drinking, cooking, sanitation and hygiene. In their efforts to get water, they often face violence from criminals and wild animal attacks. Access to clean water is more than quenching thirst – it’s empowering women for greater things!


Young girls and women in East Africa are missing up to five days of school and work per month because they cannot safely manage their menstrual cycle. Because of the alarming drop out rate, stories of self-harm, depression and human trafficking, WorldServe is providing menstrual hygiene education and biodegradable sanitary napkins to share the freedom and dignity these women deserve.

Project 12

WorldServe International is proud to partner with the Designed For Life Women’s Conference Project 12 initiative to empower women through access to clean water, menstrual hygiene education, and safe sanitary napkins. 

Designed for Life Giveaway

Receive a special giveaway package designed and curated by our very own, Julie Pitt Neal! Julie is the sister to actor and philanthropist, Brad Pitt, and our Water Ambassador to Ethiopia.

Enter below to win some of Julie’s favorite things from both Africa and here at home, including: 

  • HerBestFootForward Handbag made by women in Tanzania
  • $100 to Lululemon Gift Card
  • $25 to Bath and Body Works
  • Julie’s Favorite Luxury Laundry Detergent – Tyler Glamorous Wash
Special Note: We will choose a winner after the DFL Conference #2!

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