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We are excited to share our experience with GalMobile and how their innovative mobile water purification and desalination system produces clean water in hard-to-access locations or disaster-stricken areas. WorldServe is the exclusive sales reprehensive for the United States and Canada. 

Potable Water Solution - Deployed Fast

The Galmobile system purifies fresh water, purifies water of brackish origin, and desalinates seawater. Built on the reliable Polaris Ranger platform, outfitted with high-tech equipment, and a filtration system that meets W.H.O. testing standards, this easy-to-use clean water solution has the capability and strength to tackle jobs in the most challenging areas.

Quality Engineering and Easy To Use

Galmobile is a highly engineered, user-friendly, and time-efficient mobile water solution. All the operator needs to do is select the water type, place the intake head into the water source, and wait approximately 30 minutes as the system generates purified drinking water.

Driving Positive Change

Improving and Saving Lives

GalMobile Features

Let's Chat

We would love to share our experience with GalMobile and discuss how this innovative clean water solution can meet your needs or project goal. Please call us at (805) 765-1191‬  or fill out the contact form below. 

Tanzania Water Fund

The Tanzania Water Fund is based in Phoenix Arizona and has been funding wells in Singida, Tanzania for over 15 years.  Ten years ago, TWF and WorldServe forged a partnership for mutual funding of water projects in this region because of the severity of the need for clean water.  Since then, TWF has partnered on over 35 clean water projects and intends to continue partnering with us to accomplish its mission: to solve the water problem in Singida by seeing that a deep well, power source and storage tank is provided to each village in the district. Dean Riesen, Chairman of Tanzania Water Fund, also serves as a board member of WorldServe International.

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