Hand of Hope – Manyara – ENDAGHAJIKA
  1. Country: Tanzania
  2. Region’s Name: Manyara
  3. Sponsor: Hand of Hope
  4. Numbers of people benefited by project: 3,500
  5. Well /project GPS Location: S 03 42′ 44.0” E 034 10′ 19.8”
  6. Major Tribe in area benefited: ENDAGHAJIKA
  7. Well Depth: 100 meters (328 feet)
  8. Well Yield: 4,000 liters/hr (1,056 gallons/hr)
  9. Quote from family on what the project means to them: “The availability of reliable source of water supply will help speed development of economic activities for elevated income generation. Time saved from water searching could be used in more profitable activities!

Because of Water!

Walking Distance Saved: 10 kilometers

Yearly Community Hours Saved: 1,095,000

About Tanzania

Total Population: 44,928,923
Population under 15 y/o: 98,487,451
42% of rural lack access to water
73% of rural lack sanitation

Our Experience

Years worked in TZ: 15+
Communities Served: 1,200+
People Served: Approx 1,378,000
Trickle Down Lives Impacted:  1,700,000+

Project Solutions


Hand Pump

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