Waterboys.ORG #3 Completed Site: Kinyamwambo
  1. Country: Tanzania
  2. Region’s Name: Kinyamwambo
  3. Sponsor: Waterboys
  4. Numbers of people benefited by project: 4,369
  5. Well /project GPS Location: 4°18.980 S / 34°73.71 E
  6. Major Tribe in area benefited: Nyaturu
  7. Well Depth: 51 meters (162.323 feet)
  8. Well Yield: 4,000 liters/hr (1,056.7 gallons/hr)

Quote from family on what the project means to them “We are so grateful for this water and what it means to us.  Gold bless you all!”

We are so excited to announce the second Waterboys.ORG water well, pump station and solar installation site is complete.

About the area: Typically, the community’s first natural water source dries up about two months after the conclusion of the rainy season. After manmade water holes dry up, the villagers travel about seven kilometers – a walk of more than five hours – to small ponds. These used to serve as the only water source for three villages.  We identified what might have been an old irrigation system from many years ago. As a result of the project, the lives of 4000 people will be changed and generations will be blessed by this clean water source

4,000 people’s lives will never be the same.  Generations will be blessed by this clean water source.

About Tanzania

Total Population: 44,928,923
Population under 15 y/o: 19,848,745
42% of rural lack access to water
73% of rural lack sanitation

Our Experience

Years worked in TZ: 15+
Communities Served: 1,200+
People Served: Approx 1,378,000
Trickle Down Lives Impacted:  1,700,000+

Project Solutions

Above Ground Storage
Solar Pump
Solar Power Generation

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