Solar pump and storage facility getting wired and ready to pump.
A local child is excited to finally have access to clean water.
  1. Country: Tanzania
  2. Region’s Name: Mwanga
  3. Sponsor: Waterboys
  4. Numbers of people benefited by project: 3,400
  5. Well /project GPS Location: S3.34.293, E 37.37.426
  6. Major Tribe in area benefited: Pare
  7. Well Depth:  83.5 meters (273.93 feet)
  8. Well Yeild: 3000 liters/hr (792.5 gallons)
  9. Quote from family on what the project means to them: “We are so grateful for this constant water source as it will bring so much good to our village.”

About Tanzania

Total Population: 44,928,923
Population under 15 y/o: 98,487,451
42% of rural lack access to water
73% of rural lack sanitation

Our Experience

Years worked in TZ: 15+
Communities Served: 1,200+
People Served: Approx 1,378,000
Trickle Down Lives Impacted:  1,700,000+

Project Solutions

Above Ground Storage
Solar Pump
Solar Power Generation

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