We’re excited to share our first ever water story with you! Whether it be a need or a success, WorldServe International is dedicated to keeping you updated on the latest clean water initiatives your partnerships are supporting.

Water Stories: An Interview with the Grisham Family

Shortly after bringing home their second son from Ethiopia, Marcus and Shannon Grisham sat down with our very own, Julie Pitt-Neal, to share an immediate need they observed in Ethiopian orphanages.

The Need: In January 2018, Ethiopia officially closed international adoptions. Since then, orphanages in that country have dealt with overcrowding and a lack of resource to support the influx of orphans in need of care. Unfortunately, clean water has been one of the first necessities to go as funding has decreased considerably. This is where we can help!

Through your partnership in giving, we can bring clean water to orphans who are currently going without. We are currently working with the Grisham family and their friends in Ethiopia to provide clean water at some of the hardest hit orphanages.

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