Whether it be a need or a success, WorldServe International is dedicated to keeping you updated on the latest clean water initiatives your partnerships are supporting.

November 2018: Ballin’ for Buckets

We’re excited to announce that Waterboys is growing into a new professional sports league and expanding into the NBA with the launch of our newest program — Hoops2o.

Hoops2o raises funds and awareness for clean water initiatives in East Africa utilizing the same collective impact model used in the NFL by uniting fans and players to make big changes for communities. Hoops2o is being launched by five globally-conscious NBA players who are looking to give back through their platforms this season, known collectively as The Starting 5. Led by founder Malcolm Brogdon, the other members of the Starting 5 include; Justin Anderson, Atlanta Hawks; Joe Harris, Brooklyn Nets; Garrett Temple, Memphis Grizzlies; Anthony Tolliver, Minnesota Timberwolves.

The launch of Hoops2o and the addition of The Starting 5 and their dynamic NBA fanbase to the Waterboys’ mission means the ability to save lives and transform communities even faster – – doing our part as a team, across leagues, to solve the world’s water crisis.

September 2018: A Way Into Gasala

Gasala, Tanzania – an arid, distant community – is home to the Datooga people. An off-road journey of a half day typically, during rainy season, is virtually impossible to reach.  You could imagine the difficulties this presents for the people living there. Currently, there is absolutely no access to clean water in Gasala. In fact, the villagers must guard their hand-dug well from wild animals and thieves who try to steal what little water seeps up throughout the night.

Because mountains line that side of the lake, the terrain has presented an almost impossible challenge for our team to drill. For the last year, missionaries Dolfi & Gilagwenda Maunda, have traveled back and forth to Gasala to encourage the people living there and strategize ways to transport our heavy machinery to that part of the country.

And guess what! GOOD NEWS came a few short weeks ago! Gilagwenda reported that a bridge has been built to allow large vehicles to pass through the Shibiti riverbed.

Upon receiving the news, our team mobilized drilling rigs and a media crew to document the progress. We are so encouraged that Gasala will have access to clean water for the first time ever! The growth to come is undoubtedly exciting. Stay tuned for updates as we work along the eastern part of Lake Eyasi!

July 2018: Journey of Awesomeness Bike Ride Raises $150,000+ for Clean Water

Coming in at $150,739, the Journey of Awesomeness (JOA) bike ride set a new record for funds raised at their event in a single year! Starting with a small group of riders in 2015, the 204-mile ride across Virginia has grown to 36 riders. Reaching out to 800+ donors across the nation, the crew was able to make a huge impact by giving funds dedicated to water wells equipped with solar power distribution systems in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

We joined the guys for the event in mid-June and it was truly an awesome experience. Their comradery was inspiring and their devotion to helping others sparked our team to realize that these JOA guys might really be onto something!

Here’s what we learned: if you have something you love to do and you know people who love to do it with you, gather them around and host an event for the GOOD! If you’d like to learn more about hosting your own event, click the link below to start the conversation!

May 2018: An Interview with the Grisham Family

Shortly after bringing home their second son from Ethiopia, Marcus and Shannon Grisham sat down with our very own, Julie Pitt-Neal, to share an immediate need they observed in Ethiopian orphanages.

The Need: In January 2018, Ethiopia officially closed international adoptions. Since then, orphanages in that country have dealt with overcrowding and a lack of resource to support the influx of orphans in need of care. Unfortunately, clean water has been one of the first necessities to go as funding has decreased considerably. This is where we can help!

Through your partnership in giving, we can bring clean water to orphans who are currently going without. We are currently working with the Grisham family and their friends in Ethiopia to provide clean water at some of the hardest hit orphanages.

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