Water is transformational.  Access to clean water changes everything, impacting people’s lives on a daily basis and for generations to come.


It’s hard to imagine the idea of going to the tap only to find dirty, disease-filled water streaming from it. Or – can you imagine – no tap (no toilet, no shower) at all? Today, 1 in 10 people lack access to safe water and 1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet. Each day, 2000 children under the age of five die from waterborne illness.

Women and girls struggle the most, bearing the same health and logistical challenges and also the bulk of the responsibility for the collection of water for their families. In sub-Saharan Africa, women and girls collect 90% of the water and wood, journeying distances of 4 miles or more and carrying water jugs which can weigh in at 40 pounds. Beyond the health and safety considerations in this never-ending effort, there is no time left for their education, faith formation, or to elevate their families from suffering.

What Does WorldServe Do?

WorldServe International – working in East Africa for nearly two decades – attacks the crisis through established long-term collaborations with faith-based, government, educational and other organizations to bring clean water where it can be sustainably accessed and maintained over time. We believe: Water Changes Everything.

Since WorldServe’s founding, the sustainability of our projects has also set us apart. It’s shocking: more than half the water projects established in sub-Saharan Africa are currently inoperative. Though all were likely brought online with the best of intentions, a long-term plan for sustainability was absent from the bulk of them. WorldServe’s model, focused on the “long haul” and working with village leaders – including women –in project planning and creating projects successfully transforms large communities. With water as the foundation, community potential rapidly accelerates. We believe: Water Changes Everything.


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