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an estimated 790 million people live without access to clean water in our world

The World Water Crisis​

An estimated 790 million people are living without access to clean drinking water. Furthermore, about 1.8 billion people are living without improved sanitation practices. Women and children spend an estimated 200 million hours daily collecting contaminated and unsafe water, leading to nearly 2,000 child deaths per day due to water-borne illnesses.

We see a dramatic lack of education, equity for women, medical care, spiritual growth and economic development in areas facing this crisis.

Opportunity for Improvement

Since the early 1990s, so much good has resulted from the influx of awareness and funding for clean water. However, because our mission is to make the most sustainable impact possible, WorldServe International has identified opportunities for improvement as we forge ahead in solving the world water crisis: approximately 50,000 water supply points in Africa are no longer functioning as a result of broken parts or lack of maintenance. Another inefficiency from past relief endeavors is the implementation of shallow-dug wells that do not stand the test of time for their beneficiaries. Though all wells were likely brought online with the best of intentions, a long-term plan for sustainability was absent from the bulk of them.

Our Mission

WorldServe International—working in East Africa for over two decades—attacks the world water crisis through established long-term collaboration with powerful partners to bring clean water where it can be sustainably accessed and maintained over time. Set apart by the sustainability of our sites, each clean water project is carefully planned and drilled by our fleet of drilling rigs and support vehicles. WorldServe’s model is focused on the “long haul.” We work with village leaders—including women—before, during and after the drilling process to successfully transform villages.

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