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Open Doors in 2020

Three Stories of Growth from the Year

From the President

Looking back on 2020, your generosity facilitated outstanding investments that brought immediate relief to people battling COVID-19 and the water crisis. It is worth noting that these high-quality projects will be fully-functioning for years to come. Thanks to you, WorldServe International is achieving sustainability in ways that I’ve never seen before.

It was a year of open doors. We remained on the front lines of the water crisis in Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia because lives depended on it. Additionally, we expanded into West Africa and the Navajo Nation in the US, not for the sake of expansion, but for the sake of the people there.

I continually say, “Give your best!” and 2020 was another year of doing just that. Thank you for your generosity!

John Bongiorno, President

John Bongiorno, President

220,000 People Given Clean Water During Pandemic

In the future, we may look back and recognize that 2020 was the year in which the world joined us in understanding what a life-saving gift clean water can be. This year WorldServe International gave 220,822 people clean water and, along with it, a fighting chance to survive COVID-19. Through collaboration with many partners like Chris Long’s Waterboys, Speed the Light, and Hand of Hope, we were on the front lines of the water crisis in Africa.

As you know better than most, clean water is more than a cup to drink. It is safety, sanitation, dignity, and it is LIFE. As we collectively endure the virus around the globe, WorldServe’s mission is affirmed for the world to see. With your support – funding, prayer, sharing this understanding – we can continue to alleviate suffering through clean water, sanitation, economic development, and education in Africa.

WorldServe Debuts US Partnership to Assist Navajo Nation

WorldServe International is creating a foundation for significant advances in sanitation, agriculture, and economic development for the Navajo Nation. Collaborating with partners including Assist International, The Ohio State University, Suez Water, and Netafim, we will meet a tremendous need right here at home. The Navajo Nation, located in the Southwest region of the United States, is facing water challenges rivaling those in the developing world. Since the start of COVID, we have been building a world-class coalition and a comprehensive plan of action to address the Navajo water crisis over the next five years.

“You can dodge COVID-19 by social distancing, by staying home, and by wearing masks. But you can’t dodge being without water. You can only live for three days without water, and so, water is life.” – Rudy Shebala, Ph.D., Director of Natural Resources for the Navajo Nation.

WorldServe Responds to Multiple Needs with Women’s Empowerment Initiatives

The water crisis in developing countries is something that requires a comprehensive set of interventions. The need for clean water is compounded by limited access to food, education, medical care, sanitation, and, for women, menstrual hygiene.

These realities drive WorldServe’s continuing commitment to developing sustainable and impactful empowerment initiatives. We recently completed on our Tanzania campus a new workspace for an all-women’s sanitary pad production facility. An initiative of our partner, the Foot Forward Fund, the effort now serves over 6000 girls with critically needed compostable sanitary products, undergarments, and education. In early 2021, we will bring online similar facilities in Kenya and Nigeria – with a much greater capacity for production. Hundreds of thousands of girls will be served and WorldServe will actively engage production and distribution.

Change lives every month!

When you give selflessly, you are a part of something so much bigger than any one story! We are seeing life-change because of your generosity. Thank you for your year-end gift to WorldServe International!

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