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Collaboration and Innovation: WorldServe and Galmobile

Where water may exist but be unusable, due to pollutants, chemicals, or shared use with animals, WorldServe is working with an Israeli-based delivery innovation called “Galmobile.” Developed by G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd., Galmobile is a mobile water purification and desalination system which can quickly transform unsuitable water into clean, safe drinking water.

When disaster strikes, boreholes or damming fails, WorldServe will use Galmobile as an immediate and certain game-changer. Already in use by government entities in multiple countries, when a lead humanitarian partner was needed, WorldServe stepped forward to play this important role. Our intention is to develop new understandings from using Galmobile to help in immediate water needs worldwide. WorldServe will be sharing our learning with other organizations facing similar challenges as Galmobile’s exclusive distribution partner in the United States and Canada.

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