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The WorldServe Difference

Yes! WorldServe International water projects are truly different! We're proud of our:


Among organizations which provide clean water to those in need, WorldServe International is uniquely positioned to drill in hard-to reach locations where many water organizations simply can’t — or won’t — go. Experienced, locally-run drilling teams help overcome harsh travel and weather conditions — including mountainous terrain, devasting flooding, and gaps in infrastructure. These factors often cause others to bypass communities where water is most desperately needed. Equipping our teams with appropriate training as well as the highest performing equipment — including trucks, deep bore hole drilling systems, and supporting vehicles — WorldServe’s determination helps us change communities for the long-haul.


But it’s not just about reaching communities in need: once we’re there, WorldServe also strives for sustainability. Each locally managed, large-scale urban community well offers affordable access to clean water to thousands. Proactive systems allow projects to be maintained through revenue generated from the earnings from water sales and the solar energy implemented in each project also creates long-term savings. While the end cost of clean water is affordable for the water users, over time, the earnings allow the creation of capital for necessary maintenance and management of the project.


WorldServe’s approach is scalable, thanks to its diverse partnerships with academia, faith communities, government, and the private sector. This model allows for the sharing of knowledge and the building of new understandings that benefit future projects across nations.

Community Stability

In places seemingly vast and overwhelming, partnering with local entities creates a unique stability and makes a world of difference. Locating our projects in collaboration with or nearby churches and schools, WorldServe can better ensure their longevity. While the provision of water may be managed with leadership from a church or school, access to water is never based on religious affiliation or education. Still, placement of a water project elevates the host site’s value and purpose, opening hearts and minds to new possibilities!

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