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WorldServe is sharing menstrual hygiene education and biodegradable sanitary napkins with young women in need in East Africa!


Clean water provided by WorldServe makes a dramatic change happen for girls in East Africa. Access to clean water is a major part of helping these young women attend school instead of spending precious time gathering water for bathing, cooking, sanitation, and quenching thirst – it’s empowering women for greater things. 


Once we get girls in school – we want to keep them there! Sustainable menstrual hygiene is critical. Young girls and women in East Africa are missing up to five days of school and work per month because they cannot safely manage their menstrual cycle. Because of the alarming drop out rate, stories of self-harm, depression and human trafficking, WorldServe is providing menstrual hygiene education and biodegradable sanitary napkins to share the freedom and dignity these women deserve.  

Freedom for Girls!

WorldServe has partnered with a microenterprise producing Tanzania’s only locally made, eco-friendly, 100% compostable and biodegradable sanitary pad – UhuruPads (“Uhuru” is the Swahili word for “Freedom”). This life-changing product creates employment for women, menstrual hygiene education, and a year’s supply of sanitary pads to Tanzanian girls in need.

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