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WorldServe's Water Wednesday

March 2019

Exploring Kenya: The Need + WorldServe's Initiatives

Did you know there are 19 MILLION people living in Kenya who do not have access to clean water? That’s 41% of Kenya’s population. Astounding numbers like this can seem insurmountable and impossible to impact. However, WorldServe International completed 8 water project sites in 2018 and guess what? We are starting out in 2019 with even more ambitious goals!

Just last week, our President John Bongiorno used social media to blast an encouraging clip of our WorldServe drilling rig headed out to begin another project site. Our promising, professional relationships with government leaders and highly-effective business people have given us a fresh drive to go BIG in Kenya this year. Check out the video John posted below.

Powerful Partnerships: Ohio State University's Global Water Institute is Making History in Singida, Tanzania

The Ohio State University’s Global Water Institute is leveraging millions of dollars and is set to benefit 1 MILLION Tanzanians with its sustainable, rural water system pilot program. Joining GWI, WorldServe International has become an implementing partner in this incredible endeavor.

The Global Water Institute is focused on making sustainable impact in Tanzania by creating a program that exemplifies long-lasting, total village transformations that can be replicated in other countries struggling under the weight of the world water crisis. WorldServe International has focused on drilling 37 sustainable sites in the Singida region of Tanzania. We were delighted receive these photos from meetings between GWI Executive Director Martin Kress and community leaders. These meetings ensure that the wells are used to their full capacity and taken care of in the best manner possible!

Preliminary Community Meetings in Singida, TZ.

Waterboys Update: Chris Long wins Walter Payton Man of the Year Award + Hoops2O Starting Five Member, Joe Harris, wins NBA's 3-Point Contest

The NFL’s annual Walter Payton Man of the Year award is given to recognize excellence on and off the field. Our experience at WorldServe is that no one better epitomizes this award than that of Chris Long!! Congratulations Chris! We’re proud and honored to implement water wells all across East Africa because of your faithfulness to help those who can’t help themselves. You deserve this honor and we are behind you every step of the way!

Waterboys’ newest initiative, Hoops2O, was created with five NBA players devoted to raising awareness and funds for the water crisis in East Africa. Brooklyn Nets and Hoop2O team member, Joe Harris took home a great honor during the NBA’s all-star break in early February. Harris drained 26 baskets in the championship round of the 3-point contest to earn the trophy! We’re astounded at the talent level, and most of all, the heart behind the players with whom we get to partner at WorldServe International.

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