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Water Wednesday

Summer 2019

Journey of Awesomeness 2019 is in the books!

Year TWO of our partnership with the Journey of Awesomeness crew is quickly coming to a close! The 200 mile bike ride across the state of Virginia was a complete success and the riders are continuing their campaign through the entire month of July. Last year, the JOA crew raised over $150,000 for clean water wells in Zanzibar. This year, the crew is focusing their efforts on Kenya.

A snippet from this year’s pre-ride address by JOA’s awesome leader, Kevin O’Shea, makes it easy to understand why riders in increasing numbers choose to take on such a personal challenge in solidarity and support for others:

“…Thanks for accepting the invite! it’s much easier not to. When the dust settles we will have raised >$180K, across over 1,100 supporters. Think about that. God in the boat with us. I want no credit for that, because I like Peter am a mess (ask my wife). But the real abundance in my mind that God would have for us is in relationship. As I look around this field and at the support crew, at the early riders who miraculously said, “yeah, IN”, and the FNGs (aka: first-time riders), and all the in-between, I am freaking blown away by massive catch of relationship. Really. Look around. Soooo many people that never knew each other, never liked each other, still don’t really like each other, but we are here together, dropping the nets. Even the fitness levels that have risen over the years as we have pushed out into the deep TOGETHER, amazing. Emmanuel. Thanks again for accepting.”

Kevin’s heartfelt words truly reflect the commitment of this group of guys and gals who are doing everything they can to impact people they may never meet, in places they may never visit. THANK YOU, JOA! We’re excited for what’s to come from your generous hearts and your “absolutely, we can” attitudes.

Phase II: Mwalala Extension

Sustainability and entire village transformation are two main points of focus when it comes to a WorldServe International project site. Recently we received reports from our team that exemplify that mission directly! The Ghalunyangu Water Supply Project was started and completed in Arusha, Tanzania in collaboration with The Ohio State University’s Global Water Institute, Wateraid, Chris Long’s Waterboysand several others! The first phase of this project served the area dispensary, primary school, and the Kinyamburi sub-village nearby.

In partnership with Africa6000 Internationalan extension phase in Mwalala was recently completed bringing clean safe water to another sub-village in the region. What this means is simple: another dispensary, primary school, AND village are gaining clean water from a pipeline drilled and built from the Phase I project. Now there are two domestic supply points in the same region, supplying not only the water needed for the people in the area, but also for their livestock in these villages.

The effectiveness of multiple supply points in the same region has a “ripple” effect. Herdsmen care for livestock closer to home. Children stay in school for additional hours each day and for more of the year. The quality of medical care increases when access to clean water is available. Multiple supply points have created multiple points of growth for the people in Ghalunyangu and Kinyamburi. Clean water truly changes everything!

Become a Water First Partner

Another way you can uniquely help us solve the water crisis is by becoming a Water First partner. We know that water first is the beginning step to aiding developing countries in sustainable growth. We’ve created a monthly giving program that is set on stretching your dollar to its furthest capacity! Each month you give, we use this private donation to take care of administrative costs. Why is this important? So that donors who give in the future will be able to see 100% of the proceeds reach Africa!

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