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Around the world, girls lack the ability and support to manage their periods with dignity.

They may miss up to 4 days of school each month.

They may trade themselves (or be traded) to receive hygiene products.

Taboos and mis-information cause confusion, embarrassment and shame.

WorldServe International is working to change this for women and girls in three ways:

  1. Equipping girls with a year’s supply of biodegradable sanitary pads and quality undergarments.
  2. Educating girls about their bodies through health curriculum presented with compassion and grace.
  3. Employing women to earn a fair wage by working to sustainably produce sanitary pads for their local communities.

Girls No Longer Have To Miss School

Join THIS GIRL to provide dignity, health and education.

$15 a month provides the dignity, health, and education every girl deserves. In East Africa, WorldServe International distributes 100% compostable sanitary pads (made locally by women employed at a fair wage), along with a comprehensive menstrual health curriculum, and undergarments. Without this basic dignity, a girl can miss up to 4 days of school each month!

A Note for Group Coordinators

Beyond monthly support from valued individuals, we see women’s groups, companies, ministries, and other organizations coming together to raise project-based funds for This Girl! We want to work with your group to make a difference! Register below to start this process.

Join THIS GIRL to provide
Dignity, Health and Education

Join THIS GIRL to provide
Dignity, Health and Education

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