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Wells of Opportunity: Spotlight on Mung'una

The connection between clean water and education may not always be apparent, but it is crucial. Without clean water, community members, often women and children, face challenging journeys to access contaminated water sources, leading to illness and frequent school absences. This scarcity of clean water also limits opportunities for meaningful work and economic advancement in water-stressed communities. In essence, clean water is a foundation for both education and life.

Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of WorldServe donors and the dedicated team in Tanzania, a positive change is unfolding in a small community in the Singida Region. During a visit to Mnung’una last fall, our team discovered that 30% of the community’s 2,200 residents are primary school students. Recognizing the impact on children, providing sustainable clean water became a significant priority.

The completion of the borehole in December 2023 marked a transformative moment. Students could return to school in larger numbers and better health, free from the daily burden of seeking water. Beyond the youth, the borehole is elevating the entire community by supporting the well-being of people, nourishing animals, and fostering flourishing gardens.

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, the people of Mnung’una view their well not just as a source of water but as a Well of Opportunity, positively impacting every aspect of their lives.

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